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Pretty funny. Animation was top notch and sound was clear. One thing wrong though, Sonic died a long, long time ago.

Great, but I have an issue with it...

It didn't go on forever.

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That was surprisingly funny.

The skeleton fight was intense!

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100% agreed

...with the person underneath me.

One thing, I felt which was a massive issue are the controls. Like someone mentioned before, they're too slippery and it cause frustration. People without patience will simply click away. That's what holding this game from being perfect.

I really like this style, but...

This was just too slow. There was hardly any choice at all, it felt like an animation with random bits of choice thrown in in odd places. I counted 4 in one playthrough and the 'game' didn't warrant a second one to see what happens if I chose another option.
Which is a shame, because I can see it was influenced by Air Pressure (which I very much enjoyed), but it can't hold a candlelight to that.
There was just far, far too much reading and the music eventually drove me to keep clicking just to end it.
Good effort, interesting art style, but it's just overdone.

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I came across this game on Armor Games the fist time I played it.
I like everything about it; the style (the black and white increasing the impact of the colour of the blood and background), music (and how each sound in the game is a string on the guitar to make it sound more stressful), all the way to the multiple 'endings', making it feel like a personal experience.
I managed to get three endings.
Although, I don't understand what the the statement "forever immortal" is supposed to represent at the end.
And, the shield part during the game, in my opinion, take away from the drama. I think it might have been better if the player was left to decide if they were going to save the people or not. Also, it took away from the realisation that you're entering a battle.
I also like how the game has few taglines, "Take a poignant walk through the life of an alien caught in the midst of humanity."
Humanity, in this case, is a strong word. Well done.
Well done indeed.

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life is so bad and boring and stuff and i don't like it


Almost sprayed my drink over the screen. Thanks for that.
Guy below me, you're looking in to it too much.

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ToonHole responds:

Sorry for the damage to your screen : \ I'll be less funny in the future, don't worry

Genuinely did not see that coming

...until it was too late.
Great stuff.

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